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tv   [untitled]    June 7, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm PDT

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-- good morning. thank you four year time. -- for your time. it'll be for future generations. thank you for your time and consideration. good evening.
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this is the preeti. this of be involved with the planning process. we acknowledge that that if the project as the pencil out of the appreciate this bodies work suits. the particular servics are yet . we are very strong critics. each year as come before you
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with the skepticism. -- you hear us come before you with the skepticism. thank you to the staff for your work. again, we hope that you will certify in it. have a good evening. >> the evening. we have worked on the island for 11 years. i urge you to deny the appeal. thank you for the time. >> the evening.
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this is what we are going to bring. i am a member of the first chance. i am now the president of the association. it is when you talk about engineering feat ireland. they presented all new things. they took them after the boot camp. it inow moving faireforward to e
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future. it is part of the new museum. >> i heard from many of my colleagues. i sit on a local board. i have worked on treasure
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island for 10.5 years. with this some of the folks of the street. -- let us give some of these folks off the street. the members of the public that wishes to speak that, please let up in the center aisle. >> i am a yearlong residents. i am with the residents'
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association. it improves its that it was brought before you. there are years and years of determination. i have never seen a more substantial project. this is the convenience.
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and what needs to know -- and we need to know that. i have heard the presentation several times. the public benefits are covered. they do not live on the islands. they have not spoken to anyone of us that to live on the islands. they listen to our input.
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thank you. i've been on the board from the beginning. it is a good time to be here. i am a longtime resident. i've been a member for the last 30 years. it is a sustainable development
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projects. it is affordable housing. we have been grappling with all of these things in terms of traffic and tsunami is. this project is good for the
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city. thank you. good evening. we had introduced saline and other water base activities. we are reaching a demographic that would not normally have access to the day. it is a very unique place on san francisco bay. it is protected.
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it makes the centerwe have donef getting people back on a walker. of to 7000 is our best estimate. we have expected about 1000 k. if, about 40% who will return who -- 1000 kyd, about 40% who will return to camp. opportunities are increasing in number. we do not have the infrastructure needed to accommodate san francisco. we can do more, but we need now is to move forward.
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>> i am from the american institute of architects. we have over 2000 members. one of the great project is the public works project. in one session, writers were charged with writing about the time, and i would like to share with you someone wrote to. looking out of the most exotic
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people, treasure island appears as a stately pleasure dome con -- pleasure dome, conjuring up xanadu. we stand here talking about an island of possibilities. we present a city with an experience on heard of by anyone here, a new level of self- sufficiency. in its own way, a treasure island pushes the boundaries of great design, just as the global expedition they did in the eighth day.
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we urge you to be an important part of this project by becoming a model of sustainability. >> thank you is very much. next speaker. >> i am the secretary of the citizens of pfizer reborn -- citizens advisory board. i am here tonight as a member of the public who has had a firsthand opportunity to see exemplary action from the public about the level of detail and a lot more. and now i am not going to get into that right now. i have documents. i am here tonight to talk to you about arts.
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i will urge you to deny the appeal, but more importantly, let's talk about art. right now there is a 40-foot sculpture. there are hundreds if not thousands of people. this is just one taste of what is possible with redevelopment of the island. im brown said they are not allowing for an -- i am proud that they are supporting cultural involvement at that scale. a treasure island was still to be a showcase for art and culture, and this is your opportunity to get it back to what it should be. thanks for your time. >> good evening.
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im the share of the treasure island, uruguay 9 citizens advisory board. -- yerba buena citizens advisory board. and now this is a thorough and adequate legal document under the law. i am urging the board to approve the project entitlement project so they can move forward and finally began. our cabinet is a group of diverse members, each with his or her own unique perspective. we have held literally hundreds of public meetings. during that time, we discussed everything you have read about in the er, but specifically, we have also talked about global
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warming, sea level rise and more recently, tsunamis. i am also a sailor company so i am familiar with now called the water and networks. as we saw with reasons unfortunate japan earthquake, when the tsunami reaches here, it has a wide mouth, and then it disperses into two days, so the infrastructure will actually make treasure island higher than the district. this included residents who also serves. i thank you for this opportunity to speak. i appreciate the long hours. a i want to thank the staff.
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>> i have been a carpenter for the last 17 years. i hope you approve the eir. if you approve is, we can go back to work and support our families. >> i have been a carpenter for 15 years. i have been out of work for about a year. i have a family at the home. a project like this would help
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us to provide for our families. this is why i am encouraging you to reject the appeal and approved that the guy are. thank you for listening -- ap prove the eir. thank you for listening. >> i want to thank you for a very good report purita. good discussions. it is time. let's do it. let's plan to seed. -- let's plant the seed. >> im a representative of carpenter's.
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i do not normally come to reminisce, but when i hear treasure island, i always think of good things. the first time i was about 10, and that was for the cub scouts. i had not gone back until just recently, and not knocking anything or anyone who lives out there or has any kind of job out there, but it is almost like a ghost town, and what i am hearing tonight, what this island of nevis, what san francisco needs, and what the board of supervisors need to do and what we urge you to do it is the ninth -- is to deny the appeal, to approve the eir.
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let's make treasure island a treasure once again. let's put people back to work. let's provide them with jobs and security. we can get it done. thank you. >> i appear to be the last speaker, so i will be briefer than intended. i am here on behalf of 30,000 creditors -- carpenters and their families to urge you to approve this project. we understand the only jobs that will be created by this are jobs for attorneys tomorrow morning, but construction is in a depression.
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give us some hope for this project and for the future. allow the state to move forward. minimize the delay. it stands on its own merits. it is a visionary project common and think about other visionary projects. the arguments you have heard would have delayed or denied a marine of. -- and the marina. this is a great environmental project with sustainable features. this is far better than many proposals around the bay. we have gotten really good at not doing things. let's break that mold. i urge you to approve this project and move it forward.
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thank you for your attention. >> are there any other members of the public who wish to speak on behalf of the project sponsor? seeing none, let me ask for our representative of the appellants. if you could come up and speak for two to five minutes. >> im keith wagner on behalf of the appellants. i have heard a lot of testimony, a lot of information. planning department has told der there is no redevelopment project. why are we here to certify this
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plan? the project that is before you is a special use district end area plan. none of that is disclosed in the er that was provided for the public to comment on. the planning commission says, that is ok. we have circulated a redevelopment plan. people commented on this. we responded to their comments. we think we want to do a different project, and we have reviewed it, and we looked at it, and we think it is it good project, so you should approve its.
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there is a fundamental disconnect. the california environmental quality act is about protecting the environment. it is about public participation. it is about informed decision making. where is public participation dampened -- public participation? take one set of people who have particular views about what should be approved during your -- should be approved. a proposal is made to the public, and the public gets to respond to the information. what you do is prepare an initial study. you then circulate an eon that
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-- eir so the public can look at that and let you know if there are any problems. you need to recirculate, because you need to let the common -- the public comment and responds to the information that is being presented. it is also said that it is fine for analysis. the effect of that is to cut off your ability as a board today and the ability to look at what actually is proposed carrier -- is proposed. we have the conceptual development project. we have done conceptual basis.
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the disposition and development agreement that is in front of you says that once you approve it, they get to make changes they think should be changed. with regard to financing, we have looked at it, and we do not think it will have an effect on the environment area. now an economist who has had four days to look at it with a limited amount of information he could gather says there are serious questions about this project. this is only looking at it as appropriate level of detail. look at page 22 and page 23 in
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response to impact and what the staff said to us when we said you did not tell us what it was going to be used for. what they said was that this analyzes the regulatory program and that it would be speculated in the absence of design proposals. >> thank you. collings, any final questions to the discussion? seeing none, this hearing has been held and is closed. >> as a supervisor representing the district, i had a prepared statement, but i think the
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mayor's office and planning has adequately addressed it, so i really want to thank the people who came out on both sides. i know you have, for years to discuss this process. what struck me was how involved some people are in the development of this project regard -- of its profit. it is a firming to your how this has been -- to hear how this has been. it is hard to hold ogre in a public process. i recognize how difficult that is. it is hard to have people come here